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These are a few of my (new) favorite things!

A few new things I’ve discovered as we’ve changed our eating habits (click on the names to get more details).

1.  Mary’s Gone Crackers ~ really yummy, gluten free, crackers.  Tastes great with hummus.

2.  Seeds of Change – Indian Simmer Sauces ~ ok, really yum.  Just tried the Jalfrezi one tonight, with chicken and spinach. super good and I didn’t find it too spicy at all.  I’ll try the Madras one next. 

3. Rice and Bean Chips with Adzuki Beans ~ great alternative for tortilla chips, but very addictive 🙂

This next one is not so new, but one of my favorite go-to soup recipes.  SOOO good.

4.   Smoky Sweet Potato Chicken Stoup ~click on the name to go to the recipe.



Why are we going gluten, dairy & sugar free?

There are a number of reasons that we have decided to make this change in our diet (there are other lifestyle changes involved as well). It started when we saw a special on PBS with Dr. Mark Hyman. He was talking about The UltraMind Solution, the 7 keys to UltraWellness and how we can heal our brains by healing our bodies first. I have been struggling with depression and some anxiety for some time now, as well as other minor (and some major!) medical issues, it seems like I’m always going to the dr. for some small reason or another. Gluten & dairy are the top food allergens that don’t have severe or noticeable reactions (like a nut allergy might). The book recommends stopping all gluten, dairy & sugar for 6 weeks, then reintroducing gluten & dairy to see if there is an allergy to them. There is so much more to this program, all of which come from the 7 keys to UltraWellness. Changing my diet is only one aspect of the program. I’ll also be adding in supplements that I am lacking in. The book has a number of quizzes to see what you are lacking and offers suggestions of what supplements to use.   I can recommend the book, which has so much helpful information.  After the 6 weeks (or maybe sooner, based on how I’m feeling).  I’ll let you know if I can recommend the lifestyle changes.  I can’t see how it won’t be a good thing though!

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Mark Hyman’s website:

This epidemic of “broken brains” shows up in radically different ways from person to person, so they seem like separate problems. But the truth is that they are all manifestations of a few common underlying causes.

These seemingly different disorders are ALL really the same problem–imbalances in the 7 keys to UltraWellness.

The imbalances take many shapes including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.

In addition, there are brain problems that fall on the lighter side of the broken brain continuum, and while many psychiatrists and neurologists wouldn’t qualify these problems as treatable diseases, they still cause unnecessary suffering for many.

These problems include chronic stress, lack of focus, poor concentration, brain fog, anger, mood swings, sleep problems, or just feeling a bit anxious or depressed most of the time.

There is an answer to brain problems, but it’s not more drugs or psychotherapy. Although these tools can be a helpful bridge during your recovery from a broken brain, they won’t provide long term solutions.

The secret that promises to help us fix our broken brains lies in an unlikely place, a place modern medicine has mostly ignored.

The Answer Lies Inside Your Body

You have to fix your broken brain by healing your body first.

Inside The UltraMind Solution you will learn how system imbalances in your body mess up your head, fog your brain, cloud your memory and eventually cause serious disorders.

All we have to do is optimize the 7 keys to an UltraMind, which you’ll learn how to do in the program. All you have to do is:

  • Optimize Your Nutrition
  • Balance your hormones
  • Cool off inflammation
  • Fix your digestive system
  • Enhance detoxification
  • Boost energy metabolism
  • Calm your mind