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In my previous blog post I talked about some of the things you can do while you wait for baby. Since I’m not working right now, I definitely find it helpful to have a project or two on the go. We’ve lived in our place now for over 3 years (I think that’s a record for us!) and I’ve been feeling the urge to clean out all our closets and go through the boxes we’ve had in storage some of which we haven’t even opened in 3 years! I’ve been finding lots of stuff I forgot I had and getting rid of stuff I no longer want or need. All of this will of course make room for the new stuff we will accumulate once we have kids. I still have a lot to do, mostly because I work at it pretty slowly, but I guess that’s good since it will keep me busy for a while. I also love to sew, but since my table is full of stuff right now, I don’t have the space to work. I’m looking forward to making a few things once this organization project is done.


Comments on: "What I’m doing while I wait" (2)

  1. Hey Amanda! I don’t think I have your e-mail anymore. Can you send it to me?


  2. Since you’ll be an organizational expert when you’re done, you can come to help me?!

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